Fit it a forget it with Shedsheet

A new alternative to traditional roofing felt is now available


SHEDSHEET is a product that has been designed and is secured with a 20 year guarantee.


No Nail holes

No Seams

No Leaks

No Repairs

No Maintenance

No Further costs

No Eyesore

No Damage to property

No Faster way to sort it


What are the advantages of SHEDSHEET?


Depending on the weather conditions, any traditional roofing felt may need to be replaced over the lifespan of the shed and if its under trees then the felt will probably need to be replaced more often. Included with SHEDSHEET is a 20 year warranty against corrosion that means re-felting your shed is a thing of the past.


As well as prolonging the life of the building and reducing future maintenance, the SHEDSHEET is a sleek, attractive item that can only enhance the look of your building. Roof guards help preven any ingress of water where the sides join whilst matching the side trims to finish the detail nicely.





A one piece EPDM rubber sheet that is positioned on the roof and secured in place with custom fit steel trims. The fact that the whole building is covered with a single SHEDSHEET piece means there are no seams or nail holes for water to get through, making the shed much more waterproof.


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Shedsheet Epdm Rubber is fitted neatly into place and securly anchored to leave a smooth seam free finish, offering the highest level of protection from all the weathers, UV safe!

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